Recognized by the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors
(MSPS) as an expert in Riparian Surveys, Mr. Hughes has
presented continuing education seminars on Riparian Rights
and Bottomlands determinations at three of its annual four day
Convention and educational Meetings held in February each year.
The Annual Meetings are attended by the vast majority of Michigan’s Professional Surveyors, as the meetings are a primary source of continuing education training.

Mr. Hughes has presented an additional eight Continuing Education seminars for the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyos on Riparian Bottomlands Apportionment and one on “Boundary Title resolution” and “Conflicting Historical Corners”.

The Michigan Chapter of the American Right-of-way Association and the Michigan Association of Petroleum Landmen have had Mr. Hughes give presentations on Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Riparian Bottomlands Apportionment, and preparing property descriptions.

Mr. Hughes has been listed as an reference source in an extensive article on “Michigan Water Law” previously published by the Michigan Bar Association.

During his early surveying years in the 1960’s, he became acutely aware of riparian issues around the shores of Houghton and Higgins Lakes. Shortly after joining Gosling Czubak Engineering Sciences, Inc. in 1978, he expanded his focus and  specialization on Riparian Bottomlands Apportionment and Allocation issues on many of the lakes located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The need for this specialization was driven by the continually increasing land values of waterfront properties and the booming Michigan oil exploration business. To properly pay royalty interest to the thousands of riparian owners situated in oil and gas drilling production units, the oil producers contracted experienced experts like Gosling Czubak and Mr. Hughes to determine the riparian and bottomlands interest in their drilling units and to calculate the percentage interest of each riparian owner for payment of oil royalties.

Because of his ongoing and numerous experiences, Mr. Hughes has became respected for Riparian and Bottomlands Apportionment and Allocation knowledge and as an Expert Witness.

Mr. Hughes was most recently asked to host Riparian Rights Round Table discussions at the 2015 Annual Summer Conference of the Real Property Law Section of the Michigan Bar.

Corey J. Hughes, P.S.

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